Robin Romeo is an extraordinary healer blessed with insight and spiritual wisdom.  In just our first session, Robin helped me to understand an emotional blockage that has prevented me from freely expressing my full spiritual and psychological self through music for decades. She helped me connect with an important part of myself, and I will always be greatful for her vision and loving care for those around her. Andrew Himes, Writer and Musician, Seattle, WA 

Robin combined her skills and knowledge of energy medicine and a respect for and her own experience with traditional forms of medicine that helped me work through physical pain and emotional trauma.  I was skeptical and wary of the spiritual aspects of shamanic practice but Robin's generous spirit and wise counsel brought me relief and it was a holistic and natural experience - not at all what I thought.  Thanks for giving me hope.  B.C. Canada

Robin helped me with my fear.  She gave me tools and encouragement to face and overcome my issues.  Thanks - I will be forever grateful for your guidance and blessings.   Houston, TX

Robin the house clearing and the ceremony you provided was amazing and the feeling of joy and celebration continues to flow in our home.  Thanks it was a treat to have you bless our home - thanks a truly special treat for our kids and family!    Sincerely,  J